Dube's Doodles

AHA!  So you actually made it into my domain! 
Congratulations! You get to take a peak into my artwork :)
Everything you see below this point was produced by me either through my own creative design processes or through a collaboration of minds that was ultimately translated onto canvas or paper through my hands. 

Sara's Sketches

Precious Peers

Prose, In Memories

The forever growing collection of things I'll probably never really finish...
Come take a peak inside my not-so-elegant creative process:
Ye Olde Sketchbooks!
I love the people I call my friends and family and I love to turn them into portraits and different art pieces. 
This is a fun little something where I decided to listen to the memories of some people who didn't mind sharing and I just let my had do the sketching while their stories unfolded. 

Unbirthing: The Human Collection

COMING SOON! Comic Collections

Fanart and Character Design

It began as a story. A warning and a threat that was soon to be realized. 
One day, they would rise and become the creatures that we once were... that they would feel as we once did. A legacy unborn. 
Here be comics... EVENTUALLY!!!
Only occasionally will you see me geek out over certain characters, otherwise, I'll be reserving this gallery for character designs submitted by the team, the client (hey you!), and moi!