Behind every artist is a handful--maybe even a art community!--of people who are willing to support the artist in all their endeavors, be it simple morale support or even a headstart into their own art career!

So, let's take this time to introduce you, our little webpage peruser, to the team that backs and supports our art community of artists and craftsmen throughout all their efforts while also finding time to pursue their own creative art dreams and outlets. 
Sara Dube
Owner, Artist
The original S.D. to the S.D. Artistries, Sara is a traditional artist from a multicutural background who started this team as a means to promote and produce creations from all minds through affordable means. 
D.M. Addendum
B.Admin, Cosplayer
D.M. Addendum is the handyman and craftsman of the S.D. Artistries team with a background in Business Administration (BBA, baby!).
Projects produced by the D.M. follow original templates and are primarliy based in the diverse world of cosplay.
H. Dube
Social Media & Market Research Specialist
H.D. to the S.D. with twice the fight and savvy!

For your own sake...

Tiny Teenz
Design Lead, Artist
A longtime supporter of the S.D. Artistries dream, Tiny Teenz is the driving force behind many of the inspired pieces produced by the team and provided to our clientele.