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D.M. Addendum Cosplay & Crafts
Enter cosplayers and casual costumed folk alike for here lies the forge and crafts of D.M. Addendum, our resident reclusive mastermind of foam weaponry and armor. 
All requests are subject to a schedule to be determined by the craftsman and client.
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Helmets | Guns | Swords | Chest Plates | Shields | ​Leg Guards

All products are made from foam and clay unless otherwise specified.
A base coat will be applied by the craftsman free of charge with additional charges for detailing.

Prices vary dependent on the size and complexity of the product requested.
Available for Events!​​
  1. Mini Master Chief
    Mini Master Chief
  2. You Will Comply!
    You Will Comply!
  3. Furry Chief
    Furry Chief
  4. Hark! A Master Chief Approaches
    Hark! A Master Chief Approaches